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Feminine Form Ayurveda

Ayurveda teaches us how to live in accordance with the never ending ebb and flow of Mother Nature. When we align our body, lifestyle practices, and and mind with the tides of nature, we set ourselves up to live in alignment with our best self. I am here to support you in discovering your favorite self-care practices and in creating your own unique daily routine so that you feel nourished and can thrive. 

The feminine form of Ayurveda teaches us how to tap into our creative, wild, innate wisdom. The feminine aspect of ourselves knows self-healing is rooted in knowing oneself and that's why feminine medicine empowers you to look within for the healer. I will show ways to restore your feminine flow so that you feel anchored and held by it -  so that you feel rebalanced. With this comes healing, passion and joy as you remember who you really are.

 What is a coaching session like? First we connect by phone and talk about your unique challenges, hopes and dreams. We discuss whatever is going on with you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. By getting to know your unique mind-body constitution (prakruti) and your current imbalances (vikruti), you'll learn new tools, habits, and practices all designed for you to come back home to yourself so you feel radiant, juicy, vibrant and alive! Coaching may include diet recommendations, lifestyle practices, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and other mind-body practices. 

1 Month Coaching -

Align to Your Natural Rhythm

Dinacharya is an Ayurvedic daily routine that is based on the understanding that the synchronicity of humans and nature is vital to staying healthy. You'll learn how to build small habits and self-care practices that will help you feel healthier, more balanced and more connected to the bigger picture of life. We'll work together to design and implement a daily routine that works for YOU. 

This one month program includes a 90-minute phone intake session, weekly (3) 60-minute practice sessions, and weekly (3) progression calls.


Investment of $800 for a lifestyle shift towards your most radiant and vibrant self.

3 Month Coaching -

A Deep Dive To Radiant Health

Coming Soon!