Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Private sessions allow for a more intimate view into your practice.

In our sessions we will weave a tapestry of yoga, breath work, and meditation that are tailored specifically for you. 



Yoga is highly unique to your body any given day. Sessions can include setting up your independent home practice, working towards a specific goal, working with your breath for 30 minutes to relieve stress or focusing on guided meditation. We will begin where you are and build from there. This is also a wonderful way to start a practice or take your practice to the next level. 
I also specialize in Feminine Form Yoga. Sessions will get the juices flowing as we incorporate circular and fluid movements, open the senses, feel into the sensuality of the body and connect to the heart- 
a wonderful balance to the very linear, structured world we live in. Connecting with your body wisdom allows divine feminine channels to open as you discover your own sense of movement and energy. Feminine Form movement is for every gender and for Every Body. 

1x1 Sessions

$100 for 30 minutes

$150 for 60 minutes

$180 for 90 minutes

* discounts for packages

Small Groups

$150 for 30 minutes

$200 for 60 minutes

$240 for 90 minutes

(2-5 people)


I'd love to come to your bridal shower, wedding party, birthday party, holiday party, office party or celebration of any kind! Contact me for rates!

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