Anne has over 1000 hours of training, having completed her 200-hour teacher training at Yoga Tree in San Francisco and her 500-hour teacher training with her teachers Brenna Geehan and Jean Mazzei at Sri Yoga in San Francisco. She has also completed a 300-hour training in Feminine Form Ayurveda with Katie Silcox at Shakti School located in Charlottesville, VA. 


Anne believes Yoga and Ayurveda has the power to transform one's life from the inside out, and provides us with tools to bring strength and ease into our lives to confidently face whatever life experiences come our way. Her mission as a teacher is to hold space for students to go deeply inward so that they can cultivate a stronger connection to self. She believes that through this connection each of us can find our own unique power, passion and expression of joy within the world. 

"Meditate on the Self as being

Vast as the sky, 

A body of energy 

Expanding forever in all directions - 

Above, below, all around. 

In the embrace of infinite space, 

Awaken to your true form -

Divine creative energy 

Revealing Herself as you." 

- The Radiance Sutras

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